The Beginning

A couple of years ago, in a small tailor shop in Little Italy, Montreal, I tried on a shirt. The shirt was an ordinary-looking blue herringbone, and yet something about it was different. The fabric was softer, the body was tapered, the collar was spread, the arms were slim. No label existed on the shirt, bar a small “Made in Canada” tag directing me on how not to ruin it in the dryer. I bought this shirt, asking myself, "Is this fashion?" A man’s life has moments of change, clarity, and decision. This was one of those moments. Labels, designers, and brands had taken over my wardrobe. Media force-fed me fast fashion, and I ate it up as quickly as my piggy-bank would allow. I started to re

Heirloom - The Romance of "Buy It For Life"

The best axes in the world cost around $200. That’s right, for $200 you can acquire something that Gransfors Bruks, a small Swedish company, has been producing with the utmost care since 1902. A blacksmith has hand-forged each axe, after which he or she stamps their initials into the axe head, the same way an AMG Mercedes engine maker scribes his signature onto the engine block. The result is an absolute treasure, which for someone heating his house primarily with wood can absolutely appreciate every time kindling is required. I can drive down to my local hardware store and pick up an axe for $40. Why would I ever spend $200 and get something that will inevitably chop the same piece of w

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