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Marittimo has curated a collection of archives that we feel is worth taking a look. This is where you find material that encompasses the LIFESTYLE. Enjoy...

The Rat Pack's Only Recorded Video Performance- this was lost for over 35 years and one of the last times Sinatra, Davis, and Martin performed in this original form on 20 June 1965. Recorded  at the Kiel Opera House in St. Louis, MO- this was a benefit for a halfway house that was saved on kinescope (a 16mm film recording in front of a video screen) and kept in a secretary's closet thought to be lost. Originally shown on closed circuit TV, this was more or less what you saw in Vegas in the early 1960s. Emcee and rat packer Joey Bishop pulled his back and Tonight Show host Johnny Carson substituted in this hilarious and incredible concert. Gentlemen-


Over 25 years after the Rat Pack performed in Las Vegas, Sinatra gathered his buddies for one last tour called "Together Again" in 1987. Dean Martin has lost his son in a tragic pane crash earlier that year and after a week playing to huge stadiums, he quit the tour. Liza Minnelli subbed in for Dean and they went on a multi city tour around the world. Kodak filmed an official video of their performances in Detroit. Sinatra transfixes the audience with his Granddaddy of Torch Songs "One For My Baby". Enjoy the Chairman of the Board and his Friends.

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