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Comic legend Jerry Lewis was a handful of celebrities in the Golden Age of Hollywood to sport the most exquisite of tuxedos. They included: Frank Sinatra, Don Rickles, Sammy Davis Jr., Alan King, Vic Damone, and Dean Martin. Martin and Jerry Lewis were the biggest comic duo for 10 years starting July 25, 1946. At its inception, Lewis insisted they get the most elegant of garments to be worn on stage at a cost of $1500 per tux. Martin exclaimed, "What in the hell are you thinking spending that crazy amount of money on a tux?". Lewis said by the next month, the duo was making $10,000/ 1946. The tuxedo was made by the "Tailor to the Stars"- Sy Devore. The mohair tux was repeatedly ordered by Lewis numerous times (always with the red satin lining) and by the time he was hosting his coast to coast Labour Day Muscular Dystrophy Telethon in 1966, he bought 21 of them- one for each hour of the telethon. In 1989, "A Current Affair" did a piece on "Jerry's Longest Day" where they followed Lewis for a full 90 hours and caught him putting one of those tuxedos and bow ties on. Notice how meticulous he prepares as he plays a joke on Sinatra by having no pants. Still the silk shirt, silk bow tie, and tux (which by the way cost $2000 plus $500 for the silk lapels) make for an enjoyable watch.

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